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By Shelagh Stephenson

Price: £12 / £9.50 conc.

A study of parental grief and hope amidst uncertainty.


“At three o’clock in the morning, this is what I think, somebody killed him. They killed him, God, I don’t know how I am uttering these words …… they killed him because he’s white and western and they hated him. And it wasn’t personal. Which somehow makes it worse.”

When Lia and Nick’s son, Adam, disappears when overseas, all they have is an email saying he was thinking of going to Jakarta. A bombing takes place and nothing is heard from Adam, leaving them with their own grief and uncertainty.

Then they hear from the authorities that he’s been found alive and is returning home to them. Or is he?

Warning: some scenes contain language which some may find offensive or upsetting.To visit The New Venture Players Facebook, please click here